Here at Amersham Websites we have successfully built a new platform for our existing site, this platform uses wordpress and a bespoke theme, we hope to be using the same platform across all of our new clients sights and maybe some existing ones as we believe this is one of the most powerful content management systems there is.

The new look is quite a drastic change from the old look but is very contemporary and we believe make the site a lot more user friendly and useful.Old look

We have added in an articles section providing useful information for web novices and more advanced articles about code and changing trends more higher skilled developers. As well as this we have a news section keeping clients upto date on all the news surrounding our company and possibly information with regards to their sites.

Our portfolio has also been updated to include our recent clients websites, this has a host of big clients in, for more information go to our portfolio page to see exactly what we did for them.