I have come across this javascript issue today in googe chrome, if you are setting up an object and then looping through it, google chrome seems to reorder the keys automatically so if you are looping through expecting some data in a certain order this may cause an issue. Example:

var object = { 3: 3, 2: 2, 1: 1};
for(var i in object) {
document.write(i + " ");

In most browsers the output is:
Output: 3 2 1

In chrome the output is:
Output: 1 2 3

The way I got around this was to make the keys into strings “i_0”, “i_1” etc… This was an issue for me as I was relying on the order so this fixed the issue for me whn sorting alpha numerically but if I was trying to sort numerically I had to prefix the value with zero’s so the alphanumerical sort still worked, not ideal but a work around.