Search engine opitimisation is taken very seriously by companies as even the most aesthetically pleasing of websites with the best content don’t always generate enough traffic from search engines. Here is a few tips that we have come up with to help you get up to speed.

How do search engines work?

Spiders are sent out by search engines across the internet, these spiders check websites for words that have been searched for on the internet, anything relevant gets inserted into a database of links.

This database is where the search engine looks every time a search on the internet is initiated. The contents of this database ranks of of the entries and displays them according to rank.

How does SEO get you into search results?

It is real important that when these spider visit your site they can find the keywords and phrases that people will often use when searching, if spiders find these words in plenty on your site it will rank highly, but this is not to say you over kill the word, search engines will penalise you for abusing the keyword on a page, so you need to start to think about what words terms people will search for on the web to get the page you have.

The need for SEO specialists

Reading up on SEO you will become aware that specialists are very useful, they can point you in the right direction as constantly changing (dynamic) sites are important so by you contributing to the content with the knowledge of what content to write this will make life a whole lot easier and more productive.


SEO is a constant process, it will be a mixing of good HTML code originally by the developer and then good content writing by the site administrator, also on top of this getting links into your site from other websites is a massive factor in getting up the rankings in search engines.