Here are a few terms that you might hear whilst researching your website and maybe are not too sure what means, hopefully this glossary will help clear a few things up.

  • HTML – Hyper Text Mark-up Language, This is the language web browsers use to display the information on the page.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheet, This is a style language that tells the browser how to display the information received.
  • SEO – Seacrh Engine Optimisation, this is making sure your website has the best chance at succeeding in search engine results such as Google.
  • CMS – Content Management System, This is a web tool that you can use to define what content you have on your website i.e the text and images on your site.
  • E-commerce – A website dedicated to selling products/services.
  • Web Browser – The software you use to view the internet pages i.e internet explorer or firefox.
  • Domain Name – A name that identifies a website i.e
  • Web Host – This is where all your files that make up your web site are kept all websites need a host.
  • Javascript – A language used by web developers to manipulate things happening on a web page.
  • Cookie – Information from a website stored on your computer by your web browser, this is used by the website so they remember what you did on the site last time i.e added something to your basket or logged in etc.

If there are still some terms that are not on the list, let us know by our contact page and we’ll get an answer up for you as soon as possible.