What is responsive?

Ok first let’s all get on the same page, responsive design to us means having your website respond to the different devices that it is served on, in a more favourable way. Historically websites have been fixed width with a boxed layout and pretty much stay the same on all devices, with the rise of so many mobile devices there has been a demand on websites to respond to the device that requests the page. As the expense of iPhone/iPad native apps and general native apps are so expensive the cheaper alternative is to change your existing or new website responds to the device size.

How do I make my new/current website responsive?

Put simply, change the CSS, the developer would simply make sure your website becomes a liquid layout, this would enable your website to fit to the device without any horizontal scrolling. Also a good idea for some real small screen devices is to restrict some large items or heavy navigation and just showing you a light weight version of the site.


Depending on the size of website and amount of pages making the website responsive can cost anything from £200-£500, which as you will be aware if you have ever got an estimate for a native app is a fraction of the cost and you would then have a cross device platform that will work on pretty much any mobile device.

Device Support

Here at Amersham Web we build it in a way that the website should fit any device down to 320px (iPhone portrait view), any extra requirements can be requested but we believe having the layout completely liquid is the key to have a multi device supported website.


We have recently made the change to this website (Amersham Websites) to allow a responsive webpage layout, also these sites are responsive, try viewing these websites on a mobile or tablet device to see how they behaves, in our opinion it makes the browsing experience far better having it fit to the device rather than scrolling and pinching the screen to zoom.

If you are interested in having your website responsive please contact us for further information.
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