We thought give you a guide through all the things you will need to have in place for you to have a website, whether you have your own hosting package and domain already sorted to if you know nothing about the process the list below should help you on your quest to having your own website:

  • Decide the type of website you need, from e-commerce to just an informational website.
  • The content, so this means the images and text or video you want on your website, most design companies will help you in writing this but remember this website is your business marketing tool so you are best placed to write the content.
  • The layout and design, this can be left up to the design company doing your website but some clients will have certain colours that they need to stick to or corporate design standards that you need to tell the designers about.
  • The logo, most companies will already have an existing logo but if you need one you can request one when you get your site designed.
  • Hosting, all sites need hosting and most design companies will provide this for you but if you have your own hosting package then you will have to let them know that.
  • Domain Name – You can register this yourself or have the company building your site register it for you, but make sure it is available for purchase, use www.123-reg.co.uk to check your domain name is available.

Here at Amersham Websites we can provide part of this package or we can provide the whole package for you just use our contact form and we will get in contact with you giving you our best price.